Fire Your Receptionist Immediately; or Put It on the Schedule

Fire Your Receptionist Immediately; or Put It on the Schedule


I was in the same predicament as most small business owners when I began my start-up. I tried to multi-task while juggling all the minor job details by myself while managing part-time workers who knew just as much as I did about running a business. Those first days at the desk were horrible.

The most aggravating part that really held me back at times was keeping my business calendar in order. All of my appointments began to overlap, with no single break to get my mind right and focused on the next day’s schedule.  I almost got burned out with keeping up with the daily grind.

I would miss appointment times I was scheduled to call regarding either a follow-up or a close. Luckily, on some occasions, the client reached out to me first requesting that I move the appointment to a new day. Was I glad when that happened! I was able to then reorganize my calendar with a highlighted note that said, CALL THEM TODAY!!!

I am not going to lie to you, this sort of mishap occurred more than I could have wished for. But, it was a blessing in disguise, especially when I actually called them on the appointed date and closed the deal that same business day. My mother would always remind me to never lose the lesson but capitalize on that lesson learned.

As the months went on I became more efficient with my scheduling, I began to schedule each appointment while gauging the time each appointment would take, to prevent any overlapping. This was all done on a simple paper calendar that could fit in any pants pocket or brief case.

That calendar was perfect, until one day I spilled coffee all over June, making the pen marks illegible. I was back to total frustration and square one again. Undecided on my next move, I began to research on the internet a more efficient way I could do my business scheduling. Of Course, my next option would not include coffee or a now useless paper calendar.

I re-evaluated the entire situation and concluded that I needed an even better way to organize my time. I thought about hiring a personal attendant that would do nothing but keep track of my daily schedule. But, to pay someone $10-$15 dollars an hour to remind me of appointments seemed to be a waste of manpower and money I did not have.

While searching the internet I came across an ad for EZnet Scheduler, an Online Appointment Scheduling Software. Their online scheduler was available 24/7. That was not what initially sold me to sign up. They offered a 15 Day Free Trail with no financial commitment and offered professional help if needed.

I was hooked! I now had a low cost virtual receptionist that sent out schedule reminders to my clients.

I used the scheduler to view vacancies so I would not double book client appointments with my scheduled meetings. I became better organized with my time and more efficient with the money that I spent.

Best of all, my clients were able to view my business calendar for available time slots to book their next appointment.

All of this could be done on desktop or by accessing the scheduler through mobile view.

If you are like me and appreciate innovative concepts that really work to your advantage, do what I do, comment and share this blog with as many small business owners who would benefit from it like I already have

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