A Scheduler that “Cuts” more than just hair.
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A Scheduler that “Cuts” more than just hair.

Waiting in line is just a thing in the past. Or is it? With all these online scheduling programs and apps that promise to save you time and money is a farce. Or maybe not.

I have three boys, the eldest is 14, the middle son is 11 and the youngest, turned 7 last June. My boys are developing fast and eating us out of house and home. Our grocery bill has doubled in a matter of months. My wife and I  are constantly making trips to the grocery store buying bulk items; that last maybe a week, that’s it.  It doesn’t help that my boys are selective eaters…they only eat what they like. Which is the inverse of my household growing up?  My brother and I had no input on what was bought or eaten. We ate what was in front of us, with no questions asked. Today though, it is all about, options.  I am not talking about food choices, but, an option that includes how food can be delivered to your doorstep. There are tons of apps available now that focus on the word, leisure. According to Webster’s dictionary, the word leisure means freedom or free time. These apps were specifically developed to save people time, but not necessarily money.  Obviously, the app companies or service providers are making more money as a result. Needless to say, when time becomes free most people aren’t worried about the cost.

Like grocery shopping, a thorn that has become very difficult to remove is those lines in barber shops. It does not matter which barbershop or what time we arrive, the line is exceedingly long. Like food, haircuts are a necessity that can’t be avoided. The time between cuts has definitely shortened, but the lines have yet to subside. In addition to barbershop being jam-packed with new faces and less qualified barbers who are in training, there seems to be no preference given to anyone, even those customers like us, who basically helped open the shop the first day. With that being said, options need to be considered that makes sense. The only option that can provide both the saving of time and money can be found at www.eznetscheduler.com.

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