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Auto Mechanics Recommend EZnet Scheduler for Their Everyday Appointment Scheduling

Behind the scenes activities is what counts. The everyday hustle and bustle of running an auto repair shop does take a toll on employees and managers. The one essential ingredient that will keep your shop running as efficient as possible, the EZnet Online Appointment software that has become the most recommended tool in the Market. EZnet Scheduler is an easy to use online scheduling software that removes the wear and tear of overused paper calendars that stay tacked to the wall. This automated scheduler keeps your business running smoothly, while service technicians do what they are hired to do; keep families safe on the road. Not only does this software allow access via mobile device, it also benefits auto shop employees by freeing up valuable time so they can continue great customer service.

In addition, customers now have direct access to the shop’s entire schedule so they can book-0n-The-Go! No more waiting in lines for a tire rotation or oil change, customers can now book when it is most convenient for them. They can select their maintenance request and drop off their vehicle. EZnet Scheduler makes servicing vehicles just that easy. Customers can even pay online – so no need to even step one foot in any shop to pay your bill. This efficient system is crafted for both customers and client needs.  Select the top-rated appointment software that guarantees a free trial with no money down.

Auto Mechanics love the EZnet Scheduler. Why?
·         Helps build stronger relationships with customers.
·         It keeps Client management easy.
·         Has become the most convenient scheduling software available.
·         It evolves as business needs evolve.
·         It allows technicians to run daily service reports.
·         Sends appointment reminders to customers and clients
·         Plus, it allows customers to book online.