Business as Usual; Why Intimidating Your Potential Customer Base Doesn’t Work.

Business as Usual; Why Intimidating Your Potential Customer Base Doesn’t Work.


Mr. Jones is a sales associate at a local software marketing firm. Who takes his job seriously, but at
times he maybe too tactical when the end of the month approaches. With his quota in the back of his
mind, he phsycs himself up a bit and begins to dial a little faster. With every call he says his typical

Mr. Jones: “Good morning Sir. I hope I did not wake you on this fine morning. I was hoping you were at
the office or had a few minutes to speak?
Sir: “Go ahead?”

Mr. Jones: “While sifting through my records I’ve noticed that we have sent you multiple invitations to
your email to accept our Premier Studio upgrade, and you have not yet done so. Is there an issue I need
to be aware of, as to why this has not been taken care of?”

Sir: “I just have not gotten around to it. But, when I find the email I will certainly update the software.
We like the current version we are using and feel no need to upgrade. So, I believe we are good right
now. Thank you.”

Mr. Jones: Well, that is great that you like the software. That is why we were ranked number #1 in this
software industry. But, what I am asking is, why haven’t you upgraded? Your current subscription ends
at the end of the month and we want to make sure you can still run your business fluidly.”

Sir: “Oh really? So, what your saying is, the current subscription that I am using will end at the end of the
month? Do you have this software on sale? And if so, how much will it cost to update?”

Mr. Jones: “That is a great question Sir!”

Sir: “Call me Joseph, please! I want to be as informal as possible” {Chuckle}

Mr. Jones: “Ok. Joseph, we will not be carrying that software any longer under our brand. What I
recommend is that you purchase the upgrade to that brand.”

Joseph: “Ok. Will I have an option to try the free subscription first to see if I like it? I am close to 60 years
old, I am no techie like the younger generation. I am sure you understand?”

Mr. Jones: “Unfortunately, there is free trial period. But, what we can do is have one of our experts
provide a 10-minute consultation.”

Joseph: “Just 10-minutes? {Chuckle} You must be kidding me. It took me close to two months to figure
out the last software I downloaded from your website. I need at least 30-minutes, tops!”

Mr. Jones: “Done! But, we have a minimal fee for anything over 10-minutes. Oh! Plus, the new software
will run you about $65 dollars per month. That includes anytime maintenance you may require. Before I
forget, there is an initial setup fee of just $99 dollars.”

Joseph: “No. That won’t work for me. I have been retired for a few years and I just use the software for
family videos. It is sort of a hobby of mine. I will just keep the current software I have. Thanks.”

Mr. Jones: “Like I said. That subscription is ending at the end of the month, and it will no longer be
carried by us. So, I am calling you to get permission to switch you over. If you don’t, your children won’t
receive your videos anymore. Got it?”

Joseph: “I am very disappointed at what I have just heard from you. I have praised your company and
software to some of my friends and this is how a loyal customer is treated?”

Mr. Jones: “Sir, if you were a customer you would be paying us for a service. I believe you have been
milking our free service far too long. Plus, the new upgrade is much faster and produces crispier looking

Joseph: “I am not liking your tone, Mr. Jones. I am rethinking the point I made about loyalty. I am highly
disappointed and I can’t believe your company has you at the front line of their sales force. You are
rude! May I speak to your superior?”

Mr. Jones: “Listen. I will waive the consultation fee if that would help, but you need to pay $65 per
month to use our software. I think you will like it. Would you like me to forward this call to my software
development team to upgrade?”

Joseph: ”Hell No! You insulted me and now you want to waive the consultation fee? You must be out of
your mind? Give me the name of the developers of the old software I used. At this point I rather stick
with my old plan.”

Mr. Jones: ”How about this. Let me talk with my supervisor to see if I can work out a plan for you that
would suspend the fee for 3 months. Would that work for you?”
Joseph: “No!”

Mr. Jones: “Ok. I know what the problem is…you are a creature of habit and are afraid that the software
may be too advance for you. Is that right?”

Joseph: “No!”

In a bit of frustration, Mr. Jones belts out, “What can I do to sell you?”

Joseph: ” I said No!”

Mr. Jones: “Then what is the problem with you?”

Joseph: ”You are my problem! Who hired you?”

Mr. Jones: ”What?”

Joseph: ”I said, who hired you? Because as soon as I get off the phone with you I am going to call them
into my office and fire them.”

Mr. Jones: “What? How can you do that?”

Joseph: “I am your boss!” {Pause}

Joseph: “We don’t sell products, we sell our customer service!” {Click}

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