The #1 Recommend Online Scheduling Software for Top Dentist in the US and Parts of Canada.

The #1 Recommend Online Scheduling Software for Top Dentist in the US and Parts of Canada.

The EZnet Scheduler is pre-configured and understands how long your services take. Imagine logging an appointment for a (Root Canal) and the appointment automatically calculates the amount of time the procedure takes. That is the power of using EZnet Scheduler. Get started
Our powerful software was designed to make your dental practice run more efficiently while focusing on the best patient care possible.
We also understand the pressure of managing multiple dental assistants, their office manager, and rented space for other specialists, etc. These are just some of the reasons why our software comes highly recommended throughout the world of dentistry. To alleviate the growing pains and book your very first appointment, try out a free demo session on us.

Thousands of hours have already been scheduled, and hundreds of reminder texts have already been sent. So what are you waiting for?

Get Started With Our Free Trial

Here are just a few reasons why we are the #1 Appointment Software being used.

• Automatic Email & Text Reminders
[This automated service helps eliminate no-shows]

• Schedule appointments for dental patients in multiple locations.
[Whether you’re managing multiple patients in one facility or multiple locations our scheduling software helps eliminates lag time.]

• Free Coaching Call and professional support.
[Allow our scheduling professionals to assist and coach you through your very first appointment.]

• Drag, drop and share appointments.
[Our easy to use software can improve staff productivity while servicing multiple – practitioners and work locations]

• Schedule online 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week.
[Appointment made easy from any device, anytime.]

• Set recurring appointment for future procedures.
[Eliminates frustrations of scheduling. Dental practitioners can schedule way in advance and send out automated text and reminders to staff and patients]

• Personalized service to all your clients and customers.
[Our top-rated customer service team will guarantee personalized service to every customer, every time.]

• Process credit card payments directly from your scheduler.
[Get paid immediately with no hassle.]

An Affordable Solution at Your Fingertips

Make scheduling easier. Try EZnet Scheduler for free today.

For a limited time only, get the EZnet Scheduler at our lowest price of the year.


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